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Bike service – everything you need to know

Like a car, bikes require regular services to perform at their best and prevent any costly repairs from wear and tear.  You would be surprised at how a minor issue can affect the functionality and performance of your bike.  A regular service is required to make sure to keep your bike on the road.  Spoke N Sprocket, located in Spotswood, are the best bike technicians to help you.  

When to service your Bike?

It’s always best to prevent any issues with your bike.  If your bike hasn’t been serviced for a while, now is the time to do so.

However, if you are unsure, there are some tell-tale signs to help you identify if your bike is overdue for a service:

  1. Your gears aren’t shifting smoothly.
    Do you hear any loud clunks, or are your gears changing without you doing so?  It’s time to get your gears in check.  A bike gear that has slipped can be pretty dangerous and will only get worse and fail.

  2. Your brakes make noise, shake or don’t slow your bike down.
    Brakes are an essential item on your bike and can save your life.  Brake failure starts with increasing the time it takes to slow to a stop.  If you notice any deterioration or failure with your brakes, it’s vital to get your bike serviced now.  

  3.  You have rust on your bike.
    Being close to the sea in Williamstown and Altona, we see many bikes with parts that are rusting.  Rusting occurs near the coastal areas and with bicycles in the rain.  We have all the right tools and equipment to prevent rust or replace any parts that might not be recoverable for you.

  4. Your bike is creaking and making unusual noises.
    When a bike is in good working order, you should not hear any clunks, squeaks or any strange feelings on your bike.  It’s worth bringing your bike in and discussing any weird sounds with our expert bike mechanics with an obligation free assessment.


To keep a bike in excellent condition, it’s best to service your bike regularly.  If you are riding more often, if you don’t maintain your drive train or you do a lot of hill climbing, you will need to have your bike serviced more frequently to ensure that your bike components are working perfectly.  Riding more often does mean that there will be more wear and tear on your bike quicker.

Check out our handy table below to assist you with when you should service your bike:

Ride once a week

Standard Service every six  to eight months


Standard Service every three to six months


Standard Service every three months

With a major service every 12-18 months


Our tune up service is ideal as an inbetween service to keep your bike going.

We also recommend washing your bike and lubricating your bike chain with a waterproof lubricant, which you can purchase in our workshop.

How much does a bicycle service cost?

At Spoke N Sprocket, we pride ourselves on offering a friendly service with quality work.  We’re dedicated to service, repairing and restoring our community’s bicycles from the west affordably and right the first time.

To cater for all our locals, we have three popular services:

What occurs in our basic bike service?

Our most basic bike service is to fix any issues with your brakes or gears.  We don’t fit any parts with this service, and the goal is to keep your bike humming along.  It is also very popular with our racers for a race tune pre-race.

What occurs in our standard bike service?

Our most popular comprehensive service will keep your bike humming which includes:

  • Basic wheel to wheel clean
  • Degrease and lube
  • Wheels removed, checked and minor true
  • Basic parts replaced (labour)
  • Safety check
  • Gears adjusted and tuned
  • Brakes centred and adjusted
  • Disc brakes deglazed and rotors sanded
  • Cables inspected
  • Test ride
  • Any significant parts required, such as bottom brackets or headsets replaced during your service, are installed at our standard labour rates.
We do provide a cheaper price for non geared bike versus a geared bike service.

What is the difference between our standard bike service and our major bike service?

If your bike has not had any love for a while or needs a creak diagnosed, then the major bicycle service is perfect for you.

It includes all items from our standard service plus:

  • bottom bracket removal/ installation
  • headset removal/ installation
  • and the labour for most parts. 

What is the difference between our standard bike service and our major bike service?

Proudly servicing Melbourne’s inner west and surrounding suburbs, Spoke N Sprocket have satisfied and recurring customers from all of these locations:

  • Footscray
  • Yarraville
  • Spotswood (that’s where we are!!)
  • Altona
  • Newport
  • Williamstown
  • Altona North

We are located near the Spotswood train station, next door to Spottiswoode Hotel

Give us a call or book online for your next local bike service.