It's a simple philosophy: Friendly service with quality workmanship

It's a pleasure to work with a varied group of talented people. Thanks to the sprocket crew, we can bring passion, experience and old fashioned service to the cycling community. WESTSIDE!

Owner/ Mechanic Vince Tuttobene



Owner/ Mechanic

Thanks to a chance viewing of the little known cycling movie "Breaking away" in 1982, I became obsessed with bikes and what makes them spin.

Cycling has been part of my life ever since. Current rides include a Giant Fast road with Craftworx aero wheels, giant XTC hardtail, Jamis renegade touring and my much loved Raleigh 753 in Phil Andersons Team Panasonic colours




Nate joined us mid 2019 and brings workshop experience and a passion to learn. Nate moved here 2 years ago from Canada tearing up trails in British Columbia. His current bikes include a Norco Fluid 2 and Masi Premiare 1. 2021 might see a Rocky Mountain added to the bike shed.

scott profile.jpg



Scott moved from Canberra several years ago. Cycling has been a passion of Scott's from a young age as he grew up riding in the pine forests and working on (and breaking) his own bikes. In later years Scott spent some of his time attending downhill club races or out riding with friends, at the local dirt jumps and skateparks. His current rides include a Mutant Bikes Disco, Breakbrake17 Transfer and a custom Giant Anthem. Scott just bought his dream mtb a YT Capra Pro race.



Sales/ Admin

Fiona helps the business cogs turn and keeps the workshop humming. She moved here from NZ 6 years ago and cycling has been a part of her life since hurtling down steep hills to school. She has cycle toured around Europe and is now a dedicated roadie riding most days with her friends and family. You can now see Fiona speeding around the west on her new build a Ridley Fenix SLX.




We share the same surname and the same passion for all things two wheeled. Rayner was one of the youngest participants riding his Giant TCR in the 9 day Great Victorian Bike ride at the age of 10 leaving his dad in the dust most days. Rayner is currently riding his Fuji MTB through the western suburbs when not helping us in the shop