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Are you looking for the best bicycle repairs shop closest to Williamstown?  Spoke N Sprocket is just a hop, skip and a jump away.  With only ten minutes down the road from Williamstown and a quick stop just before heading to the city,  Spoke N Sprocket is the perfect place to service and maintain your bike. 

Our bike shop and repair centre can service your bike on the same day with our fully qualified bike mechanics and we have a great range of bikes and parts.  We’ve been bike fanatics since the eighties, so our team can help you with all types of issues with your bike!  

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About Spoke N Sprocket

At Spoke N Sprocket, you can expect quality work and service with a smile for our local residents in Williamstown and the surrounding Hobson Bay suburbs. Our comprehensive bike workshop services mean we provide quality and care about how safe your bike is no matter what type.

Williamstown residents, if you or someone who needs a bike repaired or serviced, get in touch with us today to book or discuss our range of service options.

About Williamstown

Williamstown is only 11km away from the city centre of Melbourne, Victoria and has a huge history with indigenous Australians, who occupied the area well before white settlers surveyed the land in 1803.

Named William’s Town after King William IV, the area was Port Phillip’s first anchorage point until the late 19th century.  

In 1837, Williamstown started selling land to residents and the famous Gem Pier was built in 1838 to ferry passengers, sheep and cattle between Melbourne and Williamstown.

Widely renowned for its beaches and shorefront shops, Williamstown is a favourite spot among local residents. It is the perfect area for cyclists and bike enthusiasts for its scenery – beach and estuaries including the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail and at Spoke N Sprocket, we are proud to be able to service Williamstown’s cyclists.


Some of our services at Spoke N Sprocket include:

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